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The longer that you stay together, the more you will also realize that you cannot imagine yourself being married to anybody else.

More often than not, he will annoy you more than he will excite you. It sends the message that you’re comfortable enough with them to do the things that you would only do when there’s no one else around. When you tell them that something should be done this way, instincts will kick in and they will do it the other way. And then they will do it again, this time using your way, but without directly acknowledging that yours had been the right way from the start.

They will be living in messy and smelly homes with nothing in the fridge but microwaveable food. Whether you love it or hate it, it comes with the package, and you just have to learn to live with it for as long as you’re married!

Every wife likes to think that their husband hit the jackpot when they married them. Whether husbands like it or not, wives always have the final say. When you get married, you fall into a rhythm with that one person.

It’s a gift to be married to someone that you love, but it will not always be fun and games.

The longer you stay married, the more things you will find to fight about.

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