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It is a perfect shelter from life’s hardships and a fully immersive experience.It is not hard to wonder why people spend almost all their life logged into VR; all to the delight of global corporations that earn good money on these VR users.A gorgeous world terrorized by invasions from alien civilizations and littered with powerful magic and technology. Moreover, finding hotels by rating and price has been made easier. My.com, a global game publisher with a portfolio of high profile online games such as Revelation Online, Armored Warfare, and Skyforge, will take over publishing and operations while Crytek will focus on the development and support of the game, continuing updates to Warface worldwide. Information on traffic conditions in 36 countries of the world is now available in the MAPS. Thus, users will benefit from the more precise travel time estimates – both at home and abroad. takes place in the near future and thanks to global corporations, virtual reality programs offer the perfect distraction from life’s hardships.

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This dating and romance website is used by beautiful Russian women seeking foreign men for marriage and dating, love and romance.Advertisers now have the opportunity to pay only for traffic converted to app installs. Ru Group and NVIDIA collaborate to produce the first real-time processing of video streams based of the neural network algorithm.The CPI (cost per install) model was specifically designed for the effective promotion of apps and allows developers and publishers to optimize their advertising budgets, as payment is only made for actual installs. Artisto, world’s first mobile app that uses neural networks for editing videos, broke into the US App Store top 10 and Google Play top 50. It has been quickly improving its positions in Google Play as well: it has broken into top-50 by now. The server-side solution initially created for Artisto mobile app and launched on NVIDIA’s new Pascal architecture debuted during NVIDIA’s President Jen-Hsun Huang’s presentation at the international GPU Technology Conference in Beijing China on September 13, 2016. is the first company to try this unconventional placement format to promote its NESCAF? Now coffee lovers all over the world can wish each other good morning with videos processed by neural networks. my Target advertising platform is the first in Russia to become a Certified Partner of TUNE, one of the biggest international mobile analytics platforms.For example, the platform provides a high level of support for shared clients and complete technical integration, such as postback support, used for tuning an advertising campaign.The discrepancy with the TUNE statistics is within the allowed range, which proves high precision of the counters.

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