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In 2007 Powermad resumed touring and started working on a new full-length CD to be released sometime in the future.

On February 9, 2008 the band updated their blog on My Space with a link to download The Madness Begins...

In addition to Infinite on Electric Fetus, digital versions of The Madness Begins...

I mentioned in a recent review my penchant for self-released records.

Indeed at times, including the start of first track “Devil’s Hour,” you could be forgiven for thinking you were actually listening to an out-and-out punk record. Guitarist Matt Sokol also handles mic duties and his delivery owes a lot to Cronos, with a nod to something like Deströyer 666.

Readers were able to clip this ad and mail it in to Reprise for a free cassette copy of The Madness Begins....

On the upside, I suppose, I can say that I genuinely enjoyed the cover of Misfits‘ “Death Comes Ripping,” which closes out the album, even if that is at least in part because I thought the vocals let down the original. Sokol turns out speedy riff after speedy thrash riff, although none of them are particularly memorable.

I like the galloping bass from Chris Petkus and Mike Szymendera’s drumming is competent, without doing enough to be singled out for special praise.

That record was apparently described, though I’m not sure by whom, as “no bullshit thrash metal.” And that’s probably an accurate assessment of too, whether that’s a good thing or not is something we’ll come back to.

With the longest of these ten songs clocking in at just three and a half minutes, including a Misfits cover, Wraith are certainly channeling the punk ethos into their pretty straight-up thrash.

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