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Our stylists specialize in cuts for all hair lengths and textures, color, highlights, and men’s precision barbering.

Oxford Freshmarket boasts a state of the art butchery with separate band-saws for Pork, Beef, Mutton, Lamb and Chicken.

The various meat cuts are also stored in separate facilities with respect to our various religious groups and their preferences.

Our head butcher sources only the best cuts possible at exceptionally competitive prices.

I’m planning on having some gluten-free foods on-hand for them to graze on and my menus will be gluten-free or have some alternatives that they can enjoy.

This allows family meals to be enjoyed together without singling out anyone based on what they can or can’t eat.

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There are often competing and valid interests when the duty to accommodate is engaged.

Our wide range of meat choices ensures there is something for every night of the week, whether you are wanting a simple spaghetti bolognaise or prefer a choice cut of beef fillet, our on site butchers will cut to order – accomodating the portion size that best suits your family or function.

Look instore for our current prices on A, B and C grade Lamb.

The case law describes many things that an employer is not required to do.

These include: The employee is also required to be reasonable in the accommodation process.

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