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One look at several top entertainment women today and you might think the road has been smooth from the day one.Definitely some were born with huge silver spoons and life handed fame and wealth to them on a platter of gold but some others had to work their way painfully to the top; one of such is (1985) star, Demi Moore.This was a devastating time for the (1984) actress as she had just divorced her husband Willis a few days before losing her mum.Danny Gene Guynes (step-father) Date of Birth: March 9, 1943 Month of Death: October 1980 (aged 37) Zodiac Sign: Pisces When Demi was a few months old, her mother married Guynes and later had a child with him.While she was with the singer, she worked as a debt collector and fast became a pro at nude modelling.Demi was inspired to move into acting by Nastassja Kinski, her next-door neighbour while she was with Freddy.They remained out of touch for years until Virginia’s failing health brought them back.

Within a year, he had divorced his first wife and got married to the 17 year old Demetria but their obsession lasted only five years as they were divorced before any child was born.Scroll down and continue reading to learn more about the personal life of this A-list performer. He never stayed around for the arrival of Demi and they never had any bond whatsoever between them after she became much older.Virginia Guynes (nee King) (mother) Year of Birth: 1944 Date of Death: July 2, 1998 (aged 54) Demetria’s early years were full of one trouble or the other leading to a disturbed childhood.After this death of Virginia’s husband, her life took a negative toll and she was always making records for drunk driving crimes and arson.As expected, Moore was never happy with her mother’s lifestyle and she did all she could to help her battle her addictions.

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