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W Afemndeti A SUPERMARKETS \ J \ Register now to WIN a 14’ Fisherman boat! Items & Prices In Effect Through Wednesday, June 14, 1989 Sirloin Steakhouse Style Great on [usda the grill!(CH0ICE Chicken Leg Quarters Moist & Tender Armour Baked Ham & Glazed Freshly Sliced!Glare can be handled by adjusting the room lighting or purchasing special screen covers.You can clean the monitor screen and adjust the contrast.

Older children 'ages 6 and up) can take part in a workshop entitled "Wave the Flag” from - p m Origami animals, paper whistles, magical paper toys and flags will be created Call 264-4201 regarding pre-registration Mini-triathlon The Thoreau Club of Concord will sponsor a mini-tnalhlon on July 8, to include a half-mile swim in one of the club's three pools, a 14-mile bike ride, and a three-mile run through Concord countryside Proceeds will benefit Massachusetts Special Olympics Interested persons can pre-register with Michele Picard (369-7349).

COMPILED BY RICHARD P COOK Hellenic Cultural Society plans night at Museum of Fine Arts By MARY SAMPAS Sun Correspondent For its last program of its First successful season, the Hellenic Culture Society is sponsoring "Hellenic Night” at Museum of Fine Arts in Boston on June 22.

Guests will enjoy Greek music and delicacies under the stars in the Fine Arts courtyard, and view "The Human Figure in Early Greek Art’ exhibit, held at the museum from June 7 to Sept. The exhibit includes Greek sculptures dating from the Fifth to ninth century B. In addition to the 67 works of art - most of which have never before been shown outside Greece - there is a companion exhibit.

She is a survivor of Fires, floods, accidents, widowhood and operations ("And that’s only the good part of my life,” she chirps).

Helen was entertained in Florida recently by a band she employed for more than 30 years at "Happy Helen’s” on the Pawtucket Boulevard Bert La France and Shirley and George Goodness on drums, organs, guitars and vocals Filled her home and the neighborhood with big band music.

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