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Nein die Preisgestaltung ist identisch die einzigen Unterscheid gibt es durch die Rabatte beim Kauf von Cam-Münzen.Und da es wenig Sexcam Plattformen gibt in denen auch in HD Auflösung gesendet werden kann würden sie sich nur selber schaden.The truth is that they use automated methods to send people fake instant messages so they can trick you into upgrading so they can make money from you.The image below is just a small example of the "female members" on the site.They state the following, The key part of the sentence is "stimulate conversation between members".

Paying for a membership on this site is as smart as eating at Mc Donalds to be healthy.We read the terms and they clearly state that they create profiles for marketing.And they definitely are using these profiles for marketing.This is what they say in the terms, The problem is that there are very few real women on the site and to make up for that they simply fabricate profiles complete with a fake age, height,location etc.The whole profile is a sham and none of it is real, and there are hundreds if not thousands of illegitimate profiles on this site.

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