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When they are thrown out of the homes at 18 and go into the larger world, they leave their family behind.

They are used to eating five or six times a day, they've grown up in an institution, so understandably they have become institutionalized. One of László's social work clients now appears in the doorway, called Milly. Some people still think we pay for everything with gold bank cards, that we have a high standard of living," says Milly, who is wearing a light layer of make-up on his face and has gently plucked eyebrows.

They think the supply of customers willing to pay exorbitant prices will last forever," Lázsló says, interrupting him. He grew up in the Smíchov neighborhood of Prague, living in an apartment with his mother, who worked as a cleaning woman, his younger sister, and his grandmother. Mom did cleaning in several places so she often wasn't home in the afternoons.

Milly stopped working as a prostitute when he realized customers were getting used to paying a maximum of only CZK 200 for their satisfaction. Then there is the Romani man who, for understandable reasons, wants to remain anonymous. My sister and I spent a lot of time outside on the street with our friends.

Some were only willing to pay in bowls of soup - but even they were still the decent ones. You did your job and then they beat you until you bled and refused to pay you. When I was 11, I started smoking cigarettes from time to time, but neither my mother nor my grandmother knew.

"The most famous one in Prague is Pinocchio, they just changed the name to Tempel.

It's not far from here," Honza points out, exhaling smoke from what must be his sixth cigarette.

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