Best books for guys on dating

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There was one recently where a guy tried to break up with someone from outside her window, and she could see him.

He was like, "It's my doppelgänger." Sometimes I ask for those and I post them to my story, and then I'll draw some of the really weird ones.

I was dating someone with the exact same job as me, which I will never, ever, ever do again. It was just really fascinating to see that his fame and rise to visibility was almost immediately romanticized by his following and by women.

I felt like such a fraud, where I was like, I am this person who draws about this really specific phenomenon and I'm still cheering on my boyfriend, which then inadvertently created this thing where people were like, "Oh, he must be the best boy because they're together." That's something that I'm super wary of now, in terms of people I date. So my profile is always super, super weird and I kind of think of it as the first gate where it's like, okay, if they're willing to go through this, then yeah, I'll maybe talk to you.

I think the one upside is that dudes really, really try to be genuine good boys around me.

Sometimes it's just either inspiration strikes or there's something really, really obvious and low-hanging in the news that I'll be like, I should cover this really fast, and I'll just kind of crank it up. I ask for a lot of bad excuse texts and ghosting stories. They're so hilarious and have the weirdest, most specific stories.

There's a whole saga about whether someone ghosting to take care of an emergency sheep shearing situation was legitimate or not.

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