Black men and blond white women dating

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Type black male/white woman in your search engine and you will have the information you seek.

Go to the [domain blocked due to spam] message board where they talk about it almost daily. Many different reasons given and each person makes their choice regarding what they like and what they want.

But showing off to a woman isn't a really good idea...

Regardless of skin colour, a Bible-thumping Baptist isn't going to have much in common with a Buddhist and an Aryan Nation supporter will likewise have little in common with a Jew.

OPINION1: I don't think they are ALL necessarily attracted to blond men.

That really doesn't make sence and what ever black woman told you that she only likes blond guys probably has some racial issues OPINION2: Ummm... And other black girls have other opinions OPINION3: I don't think blonde men attract black women.

Adolf Hitler was bound and determined to promote a "pure-blooded" Aryan race and I guess I should go no further with that aspect!

It's a subject which will continue to be discussed ad nausea for generations to come.

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