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This company‘s mission is to track down software pirates who share video games illegally.

They’re looking for new bounty hunters to join their team.

Just spotted on Digg: overlays featuring The Dude from the movie The Big Lebowski and many more.

Google South-Africa is opening a theme park dubbed GOOG TOWN. Packed3D is capable of taking an existing compiled flash game, and turn it into a fully functional 3D game. acquires All French-made and French language films will shortly be removed from the LOVEFi LM service.

“The government will have absolutely no chance of acting against them, because they will be too busy trying to decide which Federal Air Regulation (FAR) was violated, not to mention scheduling news conferences.

“ Meanwhile, Google masters artificial intelligence in a post and description that’s way too geeky for me.

The top of each blimp is coated in polycrystalline solar cells which supply approximately 40% of the power needed by the servers and the on-board navigation, communication, and defense systems.When browsing Street View in Google Maps, a panda is shown in the bottom right map instead of the yellow person usually shown. There is also a “CADIE’s recommended places for humans” link in Google Maps, which leads to the “Panda Mapplet” and includes several marked locations with “CADIE’s” commentary. Microsoft added support for automatic mood detection in Windows Live Messenger. A new mobile phone application has launched that promises to let you see where you are going while you are looking at your phone.Under Redmond WA a link is listed which will rick roll the viewer. A Twitter executive was quoted afterwards saying: “I was worried we were going to have to make a business out of that whole Twitter thing! “We’re happy to announce that due to the great breakthroughs from Microsoft Research, we have an alpha version working that monitors your real-time physiological state and translates that into a mood (happy, sad, anxious, etc), such that you would never have to enter an emoticon again.” Web celebrities (including Michael Arrington) are spotted dancing together, and they got the video to prove it. Privacy campaigners throughout the UK have unanimously decided to support Phorm. “Called TXT’N’WALK, the application, which is available on the i Phone, Blackberry, S60 and Android operating systems will use the camera found on the back of your phone to show you the pavement in front of you while you access your email or the web on your phone.” Qualcomm has outdone itself with the Wireless Convergence project. “Mumbrella understands that the government is planning to tax Twitter users by the number of messages they send, at a rate of 1c per tweet. Massive Clouding is a new startup making internet surfers’s computers’ free memory and idle processing power leasable.The Tech Herald: CERN admits black hole ripped in space by Large Hadron Collider Good stuff! “Designed for customers who are bored with their same-old, same-old data, the Data Randomizer injects spontaneity and hilarity into data management tasks by randomly changing unknown fields in unknown records.” Other Inbox announces Other Voicemail :) Here is the JS-Word commenting widget mentioned above. JS-KIT introduces JS-Word as a one-word commenting system. Tweet helps you find your perfect date by analyzing your ‘tweetstream’.“We are, in essence, democratizing social media to the lowest common denominator. If only it were that easy: “Fire Fold has developed a very complex and unique application which uses your existing hardware to create an HDMI Cable.

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