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p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Koushik, this is not an incident.Blood transfusion is one of the known means of transmission of infections. p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Let me clarify at the outset that the data in question is self reported information obtained during post test counselling of positive clients, as to what they think is their possible mode of having contracted HIV infection. p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: Hi leena, Thanks for joining p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Hello to everyone. p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: So, Dr Rajan, are you saying this data could be inflated?Or could be an underestimation since there is no scientific way to track it? p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: All those who need blood should take it only from a licensed blood bank and at the prescription of a qualified medical practitioner.

Read our article p.m.: With us today, we have our Health and Science Editor Vidya Krishnan, Chapal Mehra, Senior Director, Global Health Strategies, Leena Menghaney, HIV activist and lawyer, and Dr. p.m.: Leena Menghaney: Welcome the fact that NACO made the data public and it should bring back focus on the blood safety programme which functions not only to reduce the risk of HIV from blood transfusions but also HBV, HCV and other infections.

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: Michael, you could go to the nearest Integrated Counseling and testing centres in any government or private set up for the same.

List is available on NACO website p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: Chapal: do you mean it is possible to reduce this data to zero?

p.m.: Vidya Krishnan: Dr Rajan, could you respond to what Chapal said about the acceptability of the numbers?

p.m.: Dr Shobini Rajan: I tend to agree with Leena to the extent that in some states, especially in government facilities, replacement donation happens.

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