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He started this study after listening to Sue Benford, who had called him up. But he had samples left over from the C14 dating as well as samples from 1976 when they had a few threads and some from 1978 when they had other threads.After 4 years of study, and getting a team to help him, he publishes in Thermochimica Acts Volume 425 in January 2005 that what was actually sent from the Shroud to be dated was actually a re-mending of the Shroud with cotton put together with the linen.The second part, The Physical Science study, can be read here.The third part, Biblical Accounts Corroborated by the Shroud, can be read here. Wayne Phillips (posted below) as the basis of my notes.The French had the best reweaving techniques and the best tapestry re-weavers of the world in the 1500s. The sample that was sent to the 3 carbon dating labs (that dated it somewhere between 1238 AD and 1430 AD), from left to right, it gets more and more cotton.Which is why the date kept getting more and more younger.So she went to textile experts in New York and they agreed with her theory, saying that it was a French inweaving or reweaving.

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The issue is how to get the body out of the Shroud without breaking the blood clots.

The sample that they chose to take was from the corner close to where a piece had been cut out in the 16th century.

Then Raymond Rogers, the original chemist from Los Alamos who studied the Shroud back in 1978 with the American team, did a study from 2001 to 2005.

International protocol recommends 6 sample sites for carbon dating.

The Turin scientists and a cardinal, at the last moment, threw out that recommendation out and only took one sample site.

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