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It looks as if this must refer to our own Jimmy Walker.Be- cause therein lies a box-office value that may be a mystery to the envious, but that is none the less tangible.

That it will oe one of the most interesting events of the season goes without saying. "Therefore, I put it up to you, as chair- man of the Contract and Arbitration Com- mittee of the Motion Picture Theatre Own- ers of America, to write the Vital contract with the exhibitors of America. "Vital Exchanges, Inc., stands alone and squarely on an independent basis and it is our determination to win the complete con- fidence, respect and gocd will of the Motion Picture Theatre Owners. That it is a Chaplin, however, is even more important. *jr**ddapted from the $ // original story by BOOTH TARKINGTON Scenario by TOM J. J COMEDIES The Doin's and Disasters of Young America (Released Every Other Week) 26 26 SHEIKS and SHE COMEDIES OF FLAPPER AMERICANS (Released Every Other Week) AS" Made by Mc Knight-Womack Productions, Inc. Editorial Offices 45 West 45th Street New York City. That it is a great picture seems to be the uni- versal opinion.Because great ex- pectations have been built for this one. "It is the firm purpose of Vital Exchanges, Inc., net to become a member of the Motion Picture Producers and Distributors Associa- tion, or to become affiliated with F. "I feel that you will co-operate with us in the matter of writing the Vital contract in the same spirit for the cause of independence which brings about this request." J CHARLES DAVIS 2ND, speaking for Davis Distributing Division, Inc., whose product Vital Exchanges will handle exclu- sively, said : "Our company was formed for the purpose of giving the exhibitors better pictures for less money on a square deal basis.* # * SERIOUS prospects arise in connection with the Connecticut film tax matter. That has been our policy from the beginning and will continue to be. Hochreich stated in part : "We will make every effort to submit within the earliest possible time the form of contract requested by you in your letter of August 10th. We will propose a system of arbi- tration with a view of eliminating the pres- ent collection agency that deprives the thea- tre owner of his property rights.

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