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Instead of brewing frustration he’ll be proud of himself when the best jumbo shrimp in town are appreciatively devoured. Yes, they will even lose interest in that fantastic, successful independent woman!

“It will be difficult for you to hang out, talk about your dating life, etc.

And, if we stop for a second during our busy lives, when the chaos and hubbub settle, we may sadly notice a lack of emotional intimacy in our relationships. Most of my contemporaries are professional women, highly educated—and single or unhappily married.

This becomes obvious when married couples who have outlasted the seven year itch tell you “marriage is a lot of work…” What?! but, if you work really, really hard, you can tolerate it ?! Why aren’t these wonderful, successful women finding happiness in their relationships ?

Such a statement sends the modern woman into a tail spin, because the Feminist Movement has taught us to have it all… We seem wiser and better prepared for everything we do, yet, divorce is on the rise…

resentment and dissatisfaction with relationships are on the rise.

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