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He looked up when she entered, and a smile radiating with love illuminated his face.“Ah, you’ve come at last! Come, sit here on my lap.” As he spoke, he opened his arms widely. And don’t you remember how miserable life can be in the rain? He desperately wanted to do a good job to please the general! ”Rebecca’s father smiled a smile she would never forget. As it is written, For thy sake we are killed all the day long; we are accounted as sheep for the slaughter. For a brief moment, Eric felt tempted to complain about the cold too. Then Eric remembered—it was his father’s problem to figure out how everything would get done!

I’d like to stop here and say that Ashley faithfully treasured her diamond for the rest of her life and continually lived in the same joy she had those firs few weeks. Ever so gradually, Ashley began to become accustomed to the diamond she’d been given.

With that, Ashley’s father led her to the special case in which she kept her diamond.

Ashley broke into a fresh set of tears when she saw the diamond.

The general shook his head and gently admonished the young private, “Don’t let your desire to show off distract you.

True marching isn’t about lifting those knees in show; it’s about putting one step in front of the other in sync with my commands.”Michael hung his head.

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