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Neitz's research indicates that dogs, like colorblind people, may use certain cues to distinguish one color from another."A lot of the time there are good cues to help them figure it out; for example, red objects tend to be darker than green objects," Neitz said.

"So, if it's a dark apple, a red-green color-blind person would know that it's probably a red one, and if it's a lighter apple, it may be a Granny Smith."But just because your color vision is likely superior to your pet's, that doesn't mean your overall eyesight is better than a dog's.

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But despite what you might have heard, the canine perspective isn't black and white.

These light receptors do not perceive color, but they are sensitive to light and dark changes, as well as shape and movement.

And the ratio of rods to cones in the retina is much higher in dogs than it is in humans.

In his experiments with canines, Jay Neitz — a color vision scientist at the University of Washington — found that dogs' perception of color is similar to that of red-green colorblind people.

Just as dogs only have two types of cones with which to detect color, so too do those with red-green colorblindness, who may either be entirely missing a third type of cone or who have a cone type that is defective in some way.

For dogs, what most people see as red most likely appears to be dark brown, while green, yellow and orange all look "yellowish." Something that looks blue-green to humans — say, the ocean or a pool of water — looks gray to a dog, and purple objects just look blue.

Results from a large survey of 75,000 children suggest an increased risk of ADHD among children with ...

A rare eye disorder marked by color blindness, light sensitivity, and other vision problems can result from a newly discovered gene mutation identified by an international research team.

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