Cool opening ines on dating sites

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Are you more the girl making the black diamonds look easy or the bunny slope look hard?(No judgment either way) Travel makes an especially strong conversational opener because most women enjoy dreaming about exotic destinations.Breakfasts, desserts and everything in between are winning conversation starters online. Hinge recently found that women are 40% more likely to respond to messages about delicious edibles. Take your conversational cue from her photos, or what she’s written in her bio.

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The math is simple: The number of replies divided by the number of times sent for each message gives you your response rate, which you can track on a running basis in a spreadsheet.

For instance, you could adapt the message above to fit with this popular Jimmy Fallon GIF, and turn it into a three-message sequence that you fire off in rapid succession. If you’re the cheating type, just lie to me and say no, OK? It’s never been tested like the others have, but it’s an example of what would probably work well with women in their 20s.

Tinder Opener #3: A Three-Message Sequence Message 1: Message 2: Does this mean we’re boyfriend and girlfriend now? Test each opening line to see what works best for you.

Getting more quality dates with the women you want to meet comes down to optimizing your profile and messages to the largest degree possible.

What you need are some extremely effective lines that you can cut and paste to different women on Tinder.

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