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Note that approach (a) changes the sending a chat message / loading a Facebook page from a one-to-one communication into a multicast to all online friends, while approach (b) ensures that users who are neither chatting nor browsing Facebook are nonetheless generating server load.Another challenge is ensuring the timely delivery of the messages themselves.The method we chose to get text from one user to another involves loading an iframe on each Facebook page, and having that iframe's Javascript make an HTTP GET request over a persistent connection that doesn't return until the server has data for the client.The request gets reestablished if it's interrupted or times out.Glueing together PHP, Javascript, Erlang, and C is not a trivial matter. Thrift translates a service description into the RPC glue code necessary for making cross-language calls (marshalling arguments and responses over the wire) and has templates for servers and clients.Since going open source a year ago (we had the gall to release it on April Fool's Day, 2007), the Thrift project has steadily grown and improved (with multiple iterations on the Erlang binding).With just a few easy steps, you can not only change the looks of your chat window but also tweak the behaviour of your widget, for example by disabling it for customers visiting your website from mobile devices.And all of that without using any additional CSS or Java Script configuration!

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Unlike a three-guys-in-a-garage startup, we don't have the luxury of scaling out infrastructure to keep pace with user growth; when your feature's userbase will go from 0 to 70 million practically overnight, scalability has to be baked in from the start.At Live Chat, we know how important it is to maintain the awareness of your brand among customers.That’s why each Live Chat account comes pre-equipped with a powerful yet easy to use chat widget configurator.Having Thrift available freed us to split up the problem of building a chat system and use the best available tool to approach each sub-problem.The secret for going from zero to seventy million users overnight is to avoid doing it all in one fell swoop.

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