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I found out his mom died of cancer like the year later, was very sad.

Then the next year, it came to light the dad was sexually abusing him and his two little sisters, and had been maybe forever. It was one of those floor falling out of the world things. My grandfather lives in Tennessee by himself kind of out in the mountains.

You would never guess, they look like they’ve had the easiest life. The darkest part is that her mom forgave him for filming her 15 year old daughter in the bath and on the toilet, told the daughter she would always put her husband first and arranged for her daughter to go and live with her nan. His parents didn’t even talk to him or look at him often.

The mom remarried when her kids were quite young to a new “perfect stepdad.” Roll on ten years and the 15 year old daughter notices something in the bathroom while she’s showering. I met my friend’s grandparents and they are your typical kind white doily-toting american grandparents.

As much as your neighbors from across the street may seem like they have it all together — there are always cracks and deceptions and deep, dark secrets that dwell below the surface of shiny cars, happy smiles, and over-achieving PTA moms.

Turns out — they were also crazy people who belonged to a masochistic sex cult who abused their children.

Anyway, a few years later the parents were busted because apparently they owned another house a few streets away, (Less lavish) and they were running a brothel out of it with girls the same age as their daughters.

(Who were around 18 at this time and both in university). My grandma still denies the experiments that happened in Auschwitz (not the killing, but rather Mengele’s role in Auschwitz).

All of the women he married died around 3-5 years after they got married.

This was back in the mid to late 1800’s and I guess the guy was known to be real shady.

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