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Now you ask, “How do I prepare for this critical part of the application process?

” First, you should know that medical schools have various interview styles. Some interviewers will know your grades and scores, while others just know your name.

Update: Since publishing this article, we have made available an Anytime Mock Interview Platform to help you prepare for answering common medical school interview questions.

I also now offer 1-on-1 Mock Interview Prep with me personally.

That email popped into your inbox and you responded faster than lightning.

Being a physician also requires a dedication to lifelong learning, so don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that you know it all.We’ll show you what to wear, how to prepare, and more importantly, how to shine during your medical school interview!We’ll show you what to do after your interview, too. Interviewers are looking for applicants who are passionate about becoming physicians.As an applicant to medical school, you are being considered for a profession in which one’s integrity is of the utmost importance. Really, this is one of the simplest medical school interview tips—just tell the truth—but it’s important.Get access to our 13-video course walking you step-by-step through the medical school interview process.

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