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This one is titled Seeing the Unseeable: The Black Hole Image and is about the Event Horizon Telescope's image of the black hole in M87.

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Delovna očala, pisarniška očala, prostorska očala ali očala za udobje na blizu.

Potrebujete progresivna stekla, očala za daljavo ali pa so za vas boljša rešitev očala za računalnik?Congratulations to our own Dan Werthimer for winning the 2019 Carl Sagan Prize for Science Popularization!The Sagan Prize is presented specifically to recognize and encourage researchers who “have contributed mightily to the public understanding and appreciation of science.” You can read more about the Sagan Prize and see past winners at . Germany organizes an event in honor of the anniversary of the Wow! This year's event (the 42nd anniversary) takes place from 15 to 29 August . Richard Lawn has posted another interesting article to "SETI Perspectives".For more information, see Assign e Discovery permissions.Note When you search all mailbox locations or just specific mailboxes, data from other Office 365 applications that's saved to user mailboxes is included when you export the results of a Content Search.

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