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At first my husband was delighted with Robert and how he took charge of me so quickly.

But just as quickly he began to lose the control he had over me and Robert took up that control with enthusiasm.

Please forgive my writing style, I am not a writer.

To keep hubby complacent Robert let my hubby watch him fuck me.Then hubby began to enjoy watching and jacking off more and more and of course his friend was more than happy to do most of the fucking.I don’t claim to understand it all, but hubby was happy, his friend was very happy and I was still getting fucked silly so I was happy.He then added pain, but always mixed it with incredible pleasure to the point of begging for more. He always kept his friends in line and always made sure that they were always clean and healthy and knew my limits.I remember him smirking when he first discovered that deep inside me was a pain slut begging to come out. In fact, one day, one of his friends got over enthusiastic and slapped my face really hard and then punched me in the stomach.

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