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Around age 9-10, I distinctly remember being shocked by my mother farting openly.

She still is a very proper lady, who occaisonly farts.

I remember one time my ex girlfriend was sitting in my lap with her butt on my leg.

We were talking to a friend of mine who was sitting across from us and out of no where she let's out this huge fart that vibrated my leg.

The sidewalk fart is particularly useful for silent-but-deadlies.

You need to have some sense of the fart’s potency before you unleash it. since coughing causes the fart to leave your anus with more force than you’d expect.If you’re going to squeak one out and cover it up with a cough, it's better not smell like the inside of a wild boar’s digestive tract. So, it’s useful, but carries a higher degree of difficulty.But if you know -- depending on what you ate and how it’s sitting in your stomach -- that the fart will be relatively low on the stench scale, then the coughing fart is there for you. I’ve experimented with this one quite a bit, and found that even the most pungent of flatulence goes unnoticed if you do it right.I'm sure I did but I don't remember doing it.My husband and I have an open fart policy in our house.

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