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the best before date, use by date, sell by date, eat by date) on food: The FDA allows manufacturers to stamp their product with a date in order to help the seller determine how long to keep the product on display and to help the purchaser use the product when it is of best quality.

The date is in no way intended to be a food safety date.

“Sell-By" Datestell the store how long to display products for sale.

“Best If Used By (or Before)" Datesare recommended for best flavor or quality.

The method needs to be easy to understand for the staff and communicated correctly to a surveyor when questioned.

The most common method counts the day a food is prepared or opened as day one and discards six days later.

This outcome wasn’t entirely surprising—she says she wasn’t very interested in the guy when she agreed to go out with him—but it wasn’t a letdown either, because he paid the bill.

Don’t be scared to purchase the reduced priced food simply because the date has passed, it will taste great and save you cash.

Additionally, while it is best to use your groceries in a first in – first out matter, don’t be bound to printed dates.

In terms finances, that is about 0 a month going straight to the garbage.

Additionally, this study found 40% of food harvested in America goes to the landfill.

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