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Neeson plays a Jesuit priest who while trying to convert people to Christianity witnesses the torture and abuse of those who have converted.

He is rumored to have renounced his faith after he himself is tortured. MICHAEL COLLINS (1996) Having been born in Northern Ireland the real-life character of Michael Collins was a role Neeson greatly aspired to play.

The girl seems to speak her own language and has lives an isolated life not interacting with other people.

Liam Neeson’s recent film release “The Commuter” opened this month to a somewhat strong box office but has not fared as well with reactions, receiving only a 58% approval rating from critics and a 49% approval rating from audiences.

While this latest film will probably not be remembered as one of Neeson’s best, the actor has an esteemed film resume that he has cultivated in his nearly 40-year career.

The film was a huge box office success and two sequels to the original were eventually made. BATMAN BEGINS (2005) Neeson had a key role and a surprisingly villainous one in this first film of the Christopher Nolan-directed Batman movies.

After Gary Oldman opted instead to play Commissioner Gordon in the film, Nolan cast Neeson against type as the film’s crazy main villain.

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