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By carefully explaining both the underlying theory and the underlying mathematics, this text enables readers to fully grasp the fundamentals of physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater.

Kr and noble gases on groundwater from the deepest aquifer system of the Baltic Artesian Basin (BAB) were performed to determine groundwater ages and uncover the flow dynamics of the system on a timescale of several hundred thousand years.

Using 81Kr and noble gases to characterize and date groundwater and brines in the Baltic Artesian Basin on the one-million-year timescale.

The increasing national and international demand for water has led to increasing reliance on subsurface storage, both for naturally and artificially recharged water.

As additional recharge continues to enter the aquifer, older recharge is pushed deeper by the newer recharge, resulting in a trend of increasing groundwater age with depth.

The influence of fish ponds and salinization on groundwater quality in the multi-layer coastal aquifer system in Israel. C concentrations in the Judea Group aquifer range from 62 to 95 p MC.

Darcy calculations suggest that the aquifers contain young waters, ≃50 yr in age.

For the brine component, ages exceed the dating range of the ATTA 3 instrument of 1.3 Ma.

The radiogenic noble gas components $^$He* and $^$Ar* are less conclusive but also support an age of 1 Ma for the brine.

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