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Charming in parts, but overly simplistic in a way that does even the YA target audience a disservice. This play's been out for hundred's of years, it's not like this story's anything new.

Simply looking at the date published, the number of times checked out, the condition of course are factors.

What is even better, Fiedler is able to spin a tale that never was told and easily existed that connects to Romeo and Juliet, just as the film Shakespeare in love has distant ties to another Shakespearean tale - Fiedler is able to bring Shakespeare to a modern day, through HER eyes perspective and raise interest from the first page.

If this was one novel overlooked in a collection due to not considering how it aligns with school curriculum and bringing this to the attention of educators and patrons, think of how many more texts exist in the same category?

This is also reflected, albeit on a smaller scale, with the reveal that Polonius is not actually Ophelia and Laertes's father, but rather the grave-keeper! Fiedler felt the need to make him even more of a fiend by making him an aggressive sexual predator who rips Ophelia's dress off and stares at her breasts.)Random Maid #1 (Yes, when Ophelia sneaks back into the court disguised as a guy after faking her death, some random lady comes onto her.)Fortinbras After Fortinbras flirts with her, I rolled my eyes and walked away from the book.

Because, you know, it's impossible to be related to a backwards thinking, idiotic jerk! Let's list the guys who all have feelings for Ophelia or lust after her in one way or another; Hamlet (well, obviously)Bartholomew (you know, that cool guard in the first scene of the play, turned rapist in this book? It seems like every character who isn't related to her, apart from Horatio, (who is given a love interest all his own in the made up character Anne) have the hots for Ophelia, and it's ridiculous!

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