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So I was thinking about age difference, and in particular what’s a good age difference between you and your prospective Latin American bride.

The Andean state of Peru forms a large part of the Amazon inflow area in South America.

And it couldn't be easier to talk to Peruvian girls - all you have to do is say hello!

Lima's lovely Latin women cherish the chance to meet a romantic, gentle foreign man! scared the hell outta me but I wouldn't take it back. I have been to seven different countries and I can honestly say the Peru women are the best.

About 30 million people live in the Republic, with a freely elected parliament and president.

about 47% of them belong to the highland indigenous Quechua and Aymara as well as various ethnic groups in the rainforest areas.

The more coastal Mira Flores offers tranquil beaches, Mediterranean style hotels and a chance to watch hang-gliders soar from the rocks into the sunset.

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English is spoken in larger hotels, near tourist attractions and at the airport.But not only the rainforest, but also the desert-like 3,000-kilometer coastline on the Pacific, the Inca core area and the trekking-suitable Andean highlands make Peru a popular destination.Peru is a fascinating country in terms of landscape and culture. The varied nature area with its lush vegetation zones, completely different climatic conditions and a correspondingly species-rich flora and fauna shows how extraordinary the country Peru is.Just a quick note to say I had a good time as always- and the Machu Picchu portion was friggin AMAZING. Gringo bills was a neat little place, although they could use some alarm clocks as their wake up calls are non-existent, but they were really nice people and made us feel welcome. Anyone that takes that tour and doesn't go is out of their mind. The whole trip was so well organized and the staff was fantastic.Thanks again for a great trip and service, you guys are the best. My last date just before leaving for the airport showed up with her mother. Thanks you so much for such a wonderful time, best trip I have ever taken.

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