Dating single parants

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You’re a mum, yes, but you’re also a woman who wants to flirt and enjoy a nice glass of wine in some adult company.

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dating single parants-52

Perhaps it’s only natural for the person you are dating to think about the future with you, given your life situation as a parent.

I’ll never forget the first time I came down the stairs all dressed up to see my baby with his bottle, ready to be put to bed by someone else. But now I know how important my personal time is to keep me sane.

A good mum is a happy mum – never feel guilty about wanting time to be you.

Just because you fancy a date doesn’t mean you are looking for someone to fill a void.

Also, for anyone dating a single parent, we aren’t necessarily looking for an immediate co-parent, we are looking for a date – those are two very different things.

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