Dating someone chronic pain

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Many people with chronic illness have healthy, happy relationships.

Patience, understanding, and compassion will help things get off to a good start.

For us, it can be extremely frustrating to have our brains glitch on us, so keep in mind that any frustration or anger that comes with it are directed at the symptom, not at you.

It’s also not tied to dementia, even though sometimes it might seem similar. Give the person time to find the right words or gently suggest one if it seems obvious.

We’re not “making a big deal” out of it or “too sensitive,” it’s just how our nerves and brain respond to pain signals. (That’s confirmed by brain scans in which the pain centers light up like crazy.) The pain is coming from amped-up nerves and a nervous system that’s in overdrive at all times.

We can also have pain from things that shouldn’t hurt. Because nerves travel all through the body, so can our pain.

VIEW ALL You’re dating someone with fibromyalgia (FMS) or chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS)?

First of all, you must be an awesome person to be willing to take that on.

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