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if the date of 6.5wks is right, you might not see a heart beat yet.

(i went for my scan on the same date and was told that bub was small and i was lucky to see a heartbeat) I'm so sorry to hear your news OP.

Sending you lots of strength and big hugs Thanks for the responses ladies.

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At one time I had to go to hospital as the pain got too much.

I hadn't had any of my pregnancy symptoms for a few weeks and was concerned so went to the GP who referred me for an ultra sound which showed that the baby had stopped growing at 6 to 7 weeks. I would wait another week and have another scan to be sure.

Give it time until your doctor is 100% sure then decide if you want a curette or not. You can be ok with the knowledge that you CAN get pregnant. Re the D&C vs natural - hard decision and the best choice will be different for each woman one act circumstance.

I trust my doctor who I'm seeing on Monday but just don't know what to think or feel. Yes, it could work out fine, and yes, it could be a miscarriage coming. If you are very sure of your dates, you really would have expected to have seen a heartbeat by now.

If you are less certain, there could still be a possibility of a happy outcome.

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