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Pay attention, because this is probably the only poll about dicks you’ll read about that doesn’t involve Donald Trump until November 2016. Fifty women weighed in -- but before we get to their reasoning, let’s take a look at the results. Even a dick poll can’t escape the two-party metric of American politics, with dual dominating perspectives coming in nearly neck and neck (or turtleneck and turtleneck, as it were).While it wasn’t touched on during the debates, foreskin is an issue that affects everyone. And as in most elections, the more moderate perspective always seems to win.Although once it’s erect, it’s pretty much business as usual depending on the amount of skin present.See, this is the reason every girl should do a semester abroad.One thing you should definitely avoid, though: Don't pull the skin back when giving oral before you ask, and don't try getting kinky by shoving a finger down there. Again, this is no different than an exposed clitoris. Penises aren't that complicated; most of them like the same things.

Over time, it understandably becomes less sensitive.These results proved quite insightful: US (25 percent), Australia (41 percent), South Africa (65 percent), Canada (70 percent) and the UK (94 percent). Beyond that, the foreskin makes sex more enjoyable for him, as it contains thousands of sensitive nerve endings. All he has to do is peel the foreskin back while he's in the shower, and rinse the head with water. As I stated before, his head's going to push its way through the foreskin anyway, and then there's no difference in the appearance or how it feels.His head is just more sensitive, as it's not exposed as often as a circumcised penis.Trying to make a dick look pretty is sort of like trying to put lipstick on a pig.What’s more, of the women who preferred a Kosher dog, few said they would actually turn down the sexual advances of someone they liked just because he wasn’t circumcised. However, nearly the same amount of women claimed to prefer a penis that could be attached to someone whose last name that ended in “stein” or “berg,” even if they themselves are not Jewish.

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