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Eventually, he sent her some Snapchat selfies of his face, and asked her to return the gesture — all before they’d even gone out! These days, it’s hardly unusual for guys and girls to engage in epic pre-first-date texting sessions.I hope wherever you are in your journey today, you’ll realize that you are worth being pursued.You deserve a man who is willing to do whatever it takes to capture your heart. If you want to read the story of the relationship I chased after for eight long years (I am living proof that chasing is a bad idea), grab my book (& New York Times Bestseller) I’ve Never Been to Vegas But My Luggage Has at any bookstore or order it here!He told her he liked her glasses and asked for her number, and then they parted ways.The next day, he texted the 26-year-old, “How’s it going?

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