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They even tell us that physical meetings aren't possible with these fictitious profiles.!And of course they want you to agree to all of this before you're allowed to make a profile on there phony hookup site.You seem like a very sexy man." Once again this is a totally fake email message because as we've already mentioned the profile we created for this investigative report doesn't have pictures in it so why is she telling us that she was blown away by what she saw in our profile??There's nothing to see in our profile since it doesn't have any pictures.

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They even tell us that these "Fantasy Profiles" communicate with you for "promotional purposes.This is not the only site, there are thousands of dating sites just like this one.As you will see the way these scammers create phony dating services such as My Daily Fling and then try to snare people into purchasing memberships is reprehensible. It was a huge shock of how bold these shysters are with their admittance that they're creating sham profiles. Smack-dab in the middle of the front page they have a notice that you can see circled in red below.Their notice wants you to acknowledge that their website includes fictitious profiles and users.They literally admit that they're creating fake dating profiles on their own website, unbelievable!

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