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Banner ads may be enough to convince someone to buy a dustbuster or a pair of fuzzy socks, but when it comes to more weighty decisions, like joining a dating site, sometimes people want a more trustworthy vote of confidence than a flashy billboard.

That’s why Neumate plans to spread the word about its community-oriented dating site by engaging people in face-to-face conversations with promoters.

Rating people sounds awfully like an episode of Black Mirror, but, according to Meyer, the users have been very receptive to the concept and are not abusing the feature, which is meant to weed out dangerous behavior and highlight men’s positive personality traits — not gratuitously give negative feedback based on subjective criteria.

The Scoop: Some promotional efforts can be so in-your-face and impersonal that people just tune it out.

Neumate executives see all those people as the perfect partners for a word-of-mouth marketing campaign.

Many independently-owned dating sites spend their marketing budgets on paid media, advertisements, or affiliate programs. This one-of-a-kind dating site has opted to launch a revolutionary referral system that empowers everyday individuals to earn extra cash by telling people about Neumate.

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These cards can be mailed to the promoter for free.

Neumate too can review this data and determine how effective and trustworthy an NMP is.

Promoters do not have to be members of Neumate to earn commissions.

In the coming months, Neumate plans to use its new promoter platform to expand its reach and create a grassroots dating movement unlike any other.

The gig economy is a fast-growing sector with a lot of potential.

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