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Everyone started out just like this and with my belief and confidence in my team's vision our potential is endless.

If I don’t think that this can be the biggest footwear line ever, no one will!

I’ve been fortunate enough to build a cult following consumers where people know they can relate to me and believe they are "no different than me.” Which is the theme for John Geiger Co’s 002 campaign.

This is something that’s very important to me, I want people to feel like at any moment they can do this too, which is true. The 002 will release in early November, black with white soles.

The deciding factor to start my own footwear line instead of working with existing brands was motivated by being able to do it on my own and most importantly keeping full creative control.From 2015 to 2018   I’ve grossed over a million dollars from this one idea, which people still love to this day.This set the investment for my own brand, which was the plan the whole time.”Now, Nike has leveraged Virgil Abloh for The Ten where Abloh recreated ten popular Nike silhouettes.They have a very custom, DIY feel, and for friends and family, he added his special signature permanent marker dedication on each pair.The brand has also started DIY pop-ups during events like Complex Con and at smaller activations where consumers are able to customize their own Air Force 1s.  With the DIY movement hitting the mainstream, Geiger opted to finally produce his own shoes, without one of the major players behind him and launch the lifestyle brand and restaurant, Diet Starts Monday, with his partner Davin Gentry.

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