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From inside an active conversation, you can also click the ⓧ button at the far right of the menu/navigation bar.

This will return you to whatever your last active tab was and hide that conversation in the conversations list.

Upon first entering the chat, after a brief loading sequence, this is what you will see.

You will have been automatically joined to the room you elected to start from, but you can always join other rooms -- even all of them, if you'd like.

Helpful tip: You can make chat wider by rotating your mobile device into landscape mode in order to show more items on the menu bar, and rotate it back into portrait mode to have a taller view of chat.

Use whichever you prefer whenever it is useful to do so.

This shows us how long ago each conversation was active (the last time someone typed something in it) and gives us buttons to take us to the conversation, show us that user's profile, or hide that conversation from our conversations list and remove its open tab on the menu/navigation bar.

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Bonus: The envelope icon will display a number beside it indicating how many unread messages you have, if any.At any time, you can click someone's name in the chat area, if they have said anything, to open up the list of options for interacting with them in the user list.If they haven't said anything, just scroll the user list, find them there, and click their name. We can open a private message session, whisper, view a user's profile, block them, report them to moderators if they've done something that is against the rules, or add them to our friends list.With that in mind, we have integrated many important features: If the above results indicate that your browser or device is not supported, first try upgrading your browser to the latest available version.If that still doesn't work, consult the Technical Details to find a browser that is both supported by our chat and available for your device or operating system.

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