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We’re here for you when you need us, with a commitment to providing our clients with excellent service at reasonable rates.Whatever legal issues you’re dealing with, our Oakland County divorce & estate planning lawyers will find a solution that works for you.Our comprehensive family law practice encompasses separation, divorce mediation and collaboration, and specialized issues such as bankruptcy and taxation issues in divorce.We’re also available for prenuptial agreements, paternity actions, adoption, personal protection orders and more.Police and prosecutors foster this impression so you’ll rely on them for advice and plead guilty to the offense charged in order to avoid a harsh punishment.But you may actually have defenses available to you, and you may not even be guilty of the charges filed against you.Since 1994, we have helped virtually countless individuals get through difficult times so that they can move on with their lives.We focus on child custody, child protection, child support, domestic violence equitable distribution, distribution of property, alimony and spousal support. Navy Judge Advocate General (“JAG”) Corps Officer with experience conducting complex trials dating back to 1980 while also serving on the Navy’s Domestic Violence Committee, Romanowski has been selected for New Jersey Super Lawyers from 2005 to 2015.

A conviction can result in fines, jail time, the loss of a license and more, and a criminal record can hurt your chances for a good job, a good education, decent housing and credit, and more.

Make your first call after an arrest be to Clarkston Legal, and we’ll get right to work on obtaining the best outcome possible in your situation.

Call Clarkston Legal at 248-886-6600 for a free consultation on your important legal needs.

Getting arrested is a frightening and intimidating process for most people, due mainly to fear of the unknown and a feeling of helplessness at the hands of the police, prosecutors and other aspects of law enforcement and the justice system.

It seems like everyone knows what’s going on but you.

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