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Here are 4 simple ways to elevate your casual wardrobe above the status quo: One of the biggest problems with the t-shirt/jeans or dress shirt/khakis look is that it’s complete at a single glance.

No one’s attention is going to be held, because there’s nothing there to hold it.

I’ve had men tell me the same thing from their perspective with all the games some women play. Because while you’re out there playing games with men, you give strong women who don’t a slim chance to none.

After a GOOD guy has been dumped on time and time again he tends to close his heart up which makes it impossible to connect on a higher level.

Of course it is still important to have that initial physical attraction, but if the rest isn’t there- the whole package, well it’s just a waste of time here.

I for one, am tired of the inauthenticity that “most” men I meet, still to this day, carry due to a lack of self confidence.

They want a fully committed, loving relationship that has mutual respect and support on the same vibrational frequency.

Contrary to what guys think, that DOESN’T turn a woman on. Where do you meet another enlightened partner, especially if you’re in a rural area? Dating apps are a joke, and a complete waste of time from my own personal experience.

Give 100% to the relationship to keep it alive and Blissful, because trust me….

If you are a regular reader, you may know by now that Pheromone Pro is now an older website, and that “House Of Pheromones” is the updated blog.

You are to a point in your growth that there is non attachment, but complete unconditional love, and you require the same in return from a partner.

Being jealous, controlling, or making it all about you doesn’t work here anymore.

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