Elizabeth banks dating

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Hence, she spent most of her childhood raised by her father and stepmom Rita Wilson, in Los Angeles as well as Sacramento, both in the State of California.

This might be why she is really close to her father.

There is no concrete information as regards her love life but some unconfirmed sources are of the opinion that she is married because her Facebook status seems to suggest so.A year after the divorce, Tom got remarried to American actress and singer, Rita Wilson and they have two sons named Chester ‘Chet’ Hanks and Truman Theodore.It was believed that Tom’s relationship with Rita might have been one of the crucial reasons why he got separated from Samantha.In addition, she is experiencing her married joy without any problems, affairs. As of children, there have been no announcements of pregnancy or children..Robert Zemeckis directed the show by leading her own father Tom. Elizabeth now operates as the Children’s Director in LA Review of Books.

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