Email on iphone 5 not updating

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If you choose Manual, you will have to launch the email client, in order to see new emails. You may also read: How To Fix i Phone Cannot Connect To i Tunes Store Updating the Software works in many cases.If you select Fetch, you will have to select the receiving mail schedule, and it may be on every 15 minutes, every half an hour, or every hour. Launch Settings, select Cellular and tap Cellular Data. For many users, this simple step solved the problem, and emails will be pushed again. It also works for i Phone emails not being pushed, as it’s reported by many users.Alternatively, tap the appropriate buttons to activate "Every 30 Minutes" and "Hourly" options.Spanner Spencer has been writing since 2005 for a variety of print and online publications.Usually, the issue is found in the Mail client not fully downloading an email from the server and thus it cannot be displayed properly.There are multiple ways of troubleshooting when your mail app is not updating, here’s a guide on how to solve the issue.

The device connects to your email server and requests that new messages be delivered.Then launch it once more via your Home Screen, Siri or Spotlight.This sometimes helps to get the Mail app back up and running if it somehow froze or quit working properly.If that works, you can rule out a connection problem between your i Phone and the internet, but your mail service might be having issues.To rule the this out, we will check for further issues on your i Phone. This re-enables your internet connection and helps to reset any potential issues.

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