Eunjung and jang woo dating

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Later that year, Hahm enrolled in Dongguk University, where she took performance courses.

She is an only child and has been quoted as explaining, "My mother had me 10 years after she was married to my father, which seems more hurtful.

It's not only your looks that made you popular but most especially your talent. And with your latest series, you just did perfectly well. I hope to see more of your series and hear more of your songs. I was so surprised last night, and I was jumping up and down when you walked into that board room to save a brother who doesn't even know you are his brother...

I was so like, "yeppie, yeppie, yeppie..for you ole evil witch lady" but at the same time I am now afraid for your character Joon Ha/Choi David oppa..lady is a demon wearing human skin (the chairman's wife), gives me the chills.

While attending seventh grade, Hahm started taekwondo lessons and won three different competitions.

My honest opinion is u have that x factor that can make u super success. First watch you in Bel Ami as David,u captivated me since u first appeared to the end.. I watched him in "smile again" and didn't like his role in it. He's acted in different roles, he's succeeded in delivering those caracters as if he had split personalities. I'll always recommend his dramas or movies in the future. Last but not least, don't you think that his airface somehow similiar with Lee-Min Ho (the only another korean movies that I watched)? I was thinking that you'd follow up Bel-Ami with another wonderful the problem, why are casting directors, directors sleeping on your talent?????

I like the way this actor portrayed himself as selfish and mean initially.

But he portrayed himself well as likeable and with a soft side of him when he showed empathy towards the guy who was humiliated (dunno that actor’s name). He’s got the stature and outstanding personality…not to mention the way he carries his clothes well…near perfect.

I hope this drama receives great rating success and I look foward to other movies and dramas from you.... I think you have the talent to take more challenging character.

Lee jang woo is a great actor especially when he play the villain in smile again.i cannot say i like his character there( bad guy ),but he is good..,start to like him in Glory Jane..,fragile tough guy :-P I’ve never enjoyed watching dramas cuz they’re too draggy, but having watched The Partner and then Glory Jane, I’m enjoying them.

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