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However, delving beneath the outward simplicity reveals the true multi-dimensional nature.Primary factor -- likelihood of default In our view, likelihood of default is the centerpiece of creditworthiness.Credits rated in each category are intended to be able to withstand particular conditions of economic stress without defaulting (though they might be downgraded significantly JUNE 3, as economic stresses increase).This publication intends to promote greater understanding of ratings and help investors attribute clearer meanings to different rating categories.We originally published this criteria article on June 3, We're republishing it following our periodic review completed March 3, As a result of our review, we updated the author contact information.) Standard & Poor's is committed to taking action to help restore confidence in ratings.

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Each scenario describes particular conditions of economic stress, which we associate with a particular rating level, as described in the appendix.

nová správa o transparentnosti era zverejnila svoju správu o transparentnosti za rok 2017 podľa pravidiel eú pre ratingové agentúry.

ochrana súkromia podmienky používania napíšte nám home hlavná stránka rating vydané ratingové hodnotenia metodológia regulačný rámec o spoločnosti era kontakty nový backtesting v era era zaviedla novú metodiku pre spätné testovanie svojich ratingových metodológií.

Standard & Poor's has striven to maintain comparability of ratings across sectors.

This has been done by relating all ratings to common default behavior and measurement and by common approaches to risk analysis.

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