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Gulak earned the early advantage, dropping Nese with a wicked clothesline from the ring apron.His control was short-lived, though, as Nese turned the tide in his favor and dominated the majority of the bout.Result Nakamura defeated Balor to win the IC title Grade B- Analysis First, there is no scenario on the planet where Balor and Nakamura should be competing in the opening match of the kickoff show in front of a nearly empty building.It is an insult to two world-class performers who could be plying their craft anywhere else.

It resulted in a strong near-fall before Dawson made the save.

It has not happened yet, and after this opportunity on pay-per-view, one has to wonder if it will.

Sometimes, no matter how great workers are, they lack the in-ring chemistry to deliver up to expectations.

Late, Jey missed a blind tag, and The Revival put him away with Shatter Machine for the win.

Result The Revival defeated The Usos Grade B- Analysis We keep waiting for these two teams, the two best in WWE over the last five years, to have a show-stealing classic.

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