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But if that kind of traditional romance makes you queasy, then we've got you covered.Below, we've compiled 15 honest Someecards that say more than a Hallmark greeting card ever could.Our machines have been designed to meet high standards of durability and are extremely well built.This leads to a much sturdier machine, which in turn leads to minimized maintenance and costs over the long run.In this case, this person's question was answered succinctly and impressively by someone who knows a thing or two about cats.

No, my dude, she didn't need you to "fix the bed." It sounds like she wanted your company, and potentially in the bedroom.

It could be poor reading comprehension, gullibility, or just a failure to check sources, but many people have a problem with understanding satire.

Even when it's not subtle, some folks really just miss the point of satire, or don't want to get it.

Our machines have been engineered to produce a great amount of power.

From our air-powered models to our battery powered models, Power Handling machines can tirelessly move up to 50 tons with just the pressure of one finger.

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