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I can uninstall and reinstall and up until the sign in it works perfectly fine only after login does it crash.Also why does it say it’s 18 reviews but you can only see three and they’re all 5 stars. See all single perfect girls and cute guys who don't mind to someone in your current location or wait for you in their places.

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As we mentioned above the app is free to download and use, but we also offer optional subscription package called VIP Membership.

Ended up meeting two women over the last 1 weeks and had a very good time with 1 of them that lasted through the weekend.

Didn’t even catch her name which is the beauty of the app the anonymity it provides is a huge selling point. I have been recommending it to many friends as of late this app can only improve as the population grows. Secret Desire is great because it connects you to a multitude of people.

You can also filter or choose specific interests like:- Dating: if looking to date someone- Hookup: if looking to meet someone for a short time- Chatting: if looking to chat with someone and make a friend- Fandom: to meet or chat with someone who is a fan of movies, tv shows, celebrities, anime, books.“Loving the simple design that Flamechat has, it shifts your attention towards the conversations.” -Anabella Media"A truly flourish space for meeting new likeminded people!

" -Lifestylex Magazine "This is one of the safest dating apps out there.

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