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The law also makes "illegal access," "illegal interception of data," "cybersquatting," and spam illegal; online libel is part of the new law as well.Whether Filipino authorities are going to be trolling cam sites or setting up sting operations remains unclear.The sexual stimulation and release obtained through cybersex also contribute importantly to the continued pursuit of the activity, Dr. He wrote: '' Intense orgasms from the minimal investment of a few keystrokes are powerfully reinforcing.'' He added, '' Cybersex affords easy, inexpensive access to a myriad of ritualized encounters with idealized partners.

Researchers writing in the current issue of the journal Sexual Addiction and Compulsivity report that many of the men and women who now spend dozens of hours each week seeking sexual stimulation from their computers deny that they have a problem and refuse to seek help until their marriages, their jobs, or both, are in jeopardy.For some people, the route to compulsive use of the Internet for sexual satisfaction is fast and short, said Dr.Mark Schwartz of the Masters and Johnson Institute in St. '' Sex on the Net is like heroin,'' he said.Cybersex compulsives can become so involved with their online activities that they ignore their partners and children and risk their jobs. Cooper's survey, 20 percent of the men and 12 percent of the women reported they had used computers at work for some sexual pursuits.Many companies now monitor employees' online activities, and repeated visits to sexually oriented sites have cost people their jobs.

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