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These services typically include phone sex and conference call providers, which expect a high volume of incoming calls.Notably, these service providers do not need to establish a physical, local presence for routing these calls.For the first two years, they may bill interexchange carriers directly at an initially-high rural rate of five to thirteen cents per minute.

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To increase the incoming call volume to those rural areas, and thereby fees earned, rural carriers partner with certain telephone service providers to route their calls through the rural carrier.

End-users of traffic-pumped phone services often do not pay directly for the high fees collected by rural local carriers and service providers.

Many wireless and land line customers now have unlimited long-distance plans, and thus the entire inflated cost of using these services is borne by their long-distance carrier.

She expected the city’s frigid weather, but she didn’t expect the social scene to be quite so cold.

On the surface, everyone was perfectly nice, but Maggie felt the locals were keeping her at a distance with their blanket kindness.

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