Guy rupert berryman dating

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2007 - 2007Helena and Guy started dating when they were both newly single.

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back to the point, my Girlfriend is black, I've met her family and the women seemed to love me but the black guys were so angry and called me things I don't care to repeat, but we got through it and they accept us now.

my mother and Father are from Ireland and Germany, so they kinda have "old ideals." They can't understand why I want to date black girls, My father said "if you ever bring a black girl home ill beat the life out of you." and my mother "why can't you find a nice white girl like your brothers?

" Don't get me wrong I like white girls a lot, but black girls are so damn sexy I can't not stare at them lol.

Berryman started an engineering degree at University College London (UCL).

Soon after, he dropped out of his engineering course and switched to a seven-year architecture program at The Bartlett (UCL's school of architecture).

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